Sunday Service Topics at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living

2018 Theme: A Year of Prosperous Living

November Topic: The Power of Kindness

As we embark on the season of Gratitude and Thanksgiving, we will spend the month looking at the universal quality of kindness from which the Dalai Lama says, flow so many other positive qualities. We will understand more about Kindness, Oneness and our own Wholeness as we explore some of these other positive qualities such as Honesty, Mindfulness and Gratitude. Join us all month for the Power of Kindness.

Sunday, November 4th:
Sugar and Spice... and Everything Nice with Rev Jill Clements

Are being nice and being kind the same thing?  It is said that being nice is an external quality of personality while kindness comes from the heart and a sense of caring for others.  Today, we will explore these two qualities and understand what true kindness is and whether kindness and honesty can coexist.  Be sure and join us to pick up your free Gratitude Journal and explore this powerful spiritual practice with us for the next 40 days.

Live music by Holly Pyle

Sunday, November 11th:
The Only Time is Now with Rev Jill Clements

Today is our Annual Pet Blessing Service where our ministers and practitioners will be blessing all your furry and feathered friends today. Many of us who have pets in our lives experience the mindfulness of being present with them in play and attention. We will explore the spiritual practice of Mindfulness and of being present to what is, to be aware of Now without superimposing our expectations and opinions based on the past or future. Sounds simple, but we know it’s not always easy to stay in the here and now! We will explore mindfulness as a medium through which kindness and greater awareness of the Divine can flow.

Live music by Craig Haley

Sunday, November 18th:
The Easiest Way to Be Happy with Rev Jill Clements

As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday week, we will deepen into the practice of Gratitude. More and more studies are proving the health and wellness benefits to developing a daily practice of Gratitude. Today we will explore this practice and its many benefits to enjoy a simple and peace-filled path to greater happiness and connection in Spirit.

Live music by Dawn Kerlin

Sunday, November 25th:
Great Full = Grateful with Rev Kathryn McDowell

After we have stuffed ourselves with Thanksgiving’s festive meals, as though we have to store up for the coming winter, let’s get serious about this being Great Full business. Plan to join special guest speaker, Rev Kathryn McDowell to explore how Great Full = Grateful. Yes, being in a consciousness of gratitude is essential, but it does not happen overnight, nor on demand to match a holiday. Let’s review the many steps to developing an understanding and openness to the foundation of gratitude. Join us for a little chat with an empty mind and an open heart.

Live music by Rene Morgan Brooks

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