Sunday Service Topics at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living

2019 Theme: Practicing the Presence

January Topic: What is the Science of Mind?

2019 marks the beginning of our 5th year as a Spiritual Community.  This year our annual theme is Practicing the Presence.  For the next twelve months we will deepen in Spirit as we study the Science of Mind and its ancient wisdom and practices to learn how to actively live this teaching as a demonstration of our lives.

We begin January with the question, What is the Science of Mind?  We will look at the first four chapters of the text to build the foundation upon which to grow our understanding of this ancient science.  I invite you to join me in my annual reading of the Science of Mind textbook as we follow the study guide in the front/back cover for reading each day as part of our continuing spiritual awakening in 2019!

Sunday, January 6th: No Other God - Understanding the Thing Itself

We start the New Year with an explanation of this thing we call GodErnest Holmes in the Science of Mind calls it The Thing Itself and mystic poet Rumi calls it The Beloved.  No matter what you call it, today we will explore what and where is God. January is also Bring a Friend Month, so grab those You’re Invited cards and invite your friends and family for an introduction to The Science of Mind!.

Music by Les Koel

Sunday, January 13th: Shoot for the Moon! - The Way It Works

Now that we know what and where God is, we will look at the universal principles of The Way It Works.  Is your life reflecting something less than magnificence?  Science of Mind teaches us that we can practice and apply the idea that spirit works for us by working through us.  Today, we’ll check in with our attitudes through which Spirit flows and see if we can learn to believe in the more good that is ever available through us.  It’s time to start accepting what we seek.  Our experience can change if we will allow it.

Music by Sally Jo Bannow


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