How to Practice Self-Love/Self-Care to Experience a More Joy-Filled Life

with Joanne Cook, RScP

January 31st, 2018
6:45 - 8:45 pm  

Join practitioner and coach, Joanne Cook as she guides us through greater understanding of Self-Love and Self-Care. She’ll explore and answer questions like “What is self-love and what does it look like? Are there gifts in ALL of our feelings? And how do we use healthy boundaries in the different areas of our lives?

The workshop will empower you to:

  • stop being so hard on yourself
  • identify your feelings and become aware of their gifts
  • express all your feelings in a healthy way
  • set healthy boundaries
  • identify limiting beliefs that may be keeping you from manifesting all the Good you deserve!

$20 suggested love offering. No RSVP necessary.


Class facilitated by
Joanne Cook, RScp