Meet Our Prayer Practitioners

Our Prayer Practitioners at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living are a group of loving professionals trained and licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living in the art of affirmative prayer and spiritual counseling. Practitioners are here to help you see your life more clearly, reveal where your thoughts may be inhibiting you from what you desire, and are in service to you in prayer.

Our Prayer Practitioners are available for a fee for private spiritual counseling by appointment. If you would like a private session with one of our
Professionals, please contact the Practitioner directly.

Prayer Support

At Centers for Spiritual Living, we practice a form of a­ffirmative prayer called “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” Affirmative Prayer aligns our thoughts to create a powerful process that shifts our consciousness so that we are open and available to accept the divine good that is already present in our life.

The ministers and practitioners at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living are in loving service to you for any prayer support you many need. Our spiritual staff is available for one-on-one confidential sessions and online prayer support. After Sunday services our staff is available for prayer.

How We Pray

Affirmative Prayer is a prayer that declares a spiritual Truth. It is a recognition of Spirit’s Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, and a realization of humanity’s unity with Spirit. Affirmative Prayer is a powerful method for setting the Creative Process into motion. It is a direct, focused, and organized method using five steps to get to your desired outcome:

  1. Recognition (God Is All There Is)
  2. Unification (I Am One with God)
  3. Realization (Speaking Your Desired Good)
  4. Thanksgiving (Grateful Acceptance) and
  5. Release (Let Go, Let God)

A Spiritual Mind Treatment opens up the portals of thought, expands consciousness and makes way for your spiritual reality to manifest.


What is a Prayer Practitioner?

A Prayer Practitioner is one who endeavors to heal themselves and others through the recognition of the creative power of Mind and the ever availability of Good. Practitioners are individuals who have been trained in the art, skill and science of Affirmative Prayer.

A Practitioner seeks to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in everyday affairs and believes in Divine guidance. A Practitioner sees through whatever condition you may be facing to the spiritual truth of your absolute being, bringing about a change in the circumstance.

Practitioners are licensed to practice professionally, and are bound by a high code of ethics and respect your privacy.

Meet Our Prayer Practitioners...


Lori Frisbie, RScP
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Lori Frisbie, RScP has been studying the Science of Mind through books and magazines since the late 1980’s, but did not belong to a Spiritual Community until she and her husband found New Vision Center in 2010. There Lori began volunteering in a variety of ways including, Fund Raising, Gourmet For God events, Green Living and Campus Beautification Projects. She stepped into leadership serving as Vice President of the Board and began more formal studies becoming a licensed Practitioner in 2014.

Lori joined Rev. Jill as a founding member of Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living in January 2015 and is currently enrolled as a Ministerial Student through the Holmes Institute. Lori loves the many paths that support our connection with God, and describes her role as a Practitioner with a quote from a favorite Quaker Saying “To listen a soul into disclosure and discovery is the greatest service one human being can offer another.”

In addition to Spiritual Studies, Lori’s greatest joy is her love of family, her relationship with Tom and her 3 daughters Erin, Colleen and Chelsea. Lori revels in the Divine as an artist, lover of Beauty, frequent traveler and as a resourceful guide to home-owners navigating change as a Realtor® with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.


Suzanne Gildersleeve, RScP
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Suzanne Gildersleeve, RScP found SOM in 2000 and began her journey to become a practitioner immediately.  She says" this philosophy saved my life, then it changed my life.  She is committed to supporting others as they choose to change their thinking and create a new life.  She knows that each individual is on their own journey and she is passionate in her belief that anyone, no matter what the past, can create a life full of joy, passion and abundant fulfillment.  Her capacity to listen and support brings others to find their own authentic and unique expression.

Suzanne has been with Rev. Jill and SCSL since the very beginning.  She currently serves as the leader of our practitioner core, the leader of our community care group(pastoral care) and helps as much as she can.  She is a registered nurse and completed her career as a crisis nurse with Hospice of the Valley with a specialized degree in comfort and hospice end of life care.  She is also a certified "Grief Recovery" specialist.  She volunteers with the NAMI (National Alliance for Mentally Ill) and she believes ALL can get well.

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