The Leadership Team at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living


Rev. Jill Clements
Founding Senior Minister

Rev. Jill Clements founded the Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living in January 2015.

Rev Jill received her Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies in 2014 from the Holmes Institute, Centers for Spiritual Living School of Spiritual Leadership. She has been a student of the teachings of the Science of Mind since 1999 and was called to ministry in 2010.

Rev. Jill practices the principles of Science of Mind and Spirit to continually evolve in all areas of her life. It is her joy to share this teaching with others seeking to expand in their understanding of life through their personal spiritual growth. She believes that we are all the perfection of God expressing in form and that we already have everything we need, even though sometimes we just can’t see it for ourselves.

Rev. Jill is originally from Virginia and has lived in Arizona since 1992. She has been a resident of Scottsdale since 1996.


Suzie Black


Suzie Black has been part of the Science of Mind community for over 20 years. She is dedicated to living the principles of affirmative thought and law of attraction. As a lifelong learner and teacher, she embraces her own growth and loves to assist others in their’s.

Originally from New Jersey, Suzie has lived in Scottsdale for 26 years. As a graduate of The George Washington University, she received her masters degrees in both art education and art therapy. Teaching both children and adults in Arizona for the last 25 years, Suzie has been delighted to encourage creativity and the love of expression through art making to many hundreds of people.

Always a passionate artist herself, Suzie paints contemporary figures and landscapes in oils celebrating both Arizona and the awesomeness of women.

Joining our the community in 2017, Suzie is delighted to share in the communal joy and camaraderie of Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living.



Len Jones
Vice President

Len Jones was introduced to New Thought approximately thirty years ago in Southern  California, when after planning to attend an Episcopal church service, he ended up next door at a UNITY service instead. Thoroughly inspired, spiritually he has never looked back  Len subsequently found Science of Mind, and was especially impressed with the strength, practicality, and directness of the SOM approach. Although working by day in  the Aerospace industry, by night and on weekends Len pursued his interest in New Thought and other related aspects of progressive spirituality.

At one point, Len became a certified practitioner in an independent New Thought organization in California. He also served for three years as the Executive Councilor for a related spiritual organization. Len has two primary spiritual passions. First he is dedicated to helping others realize their dreams and aspirations through the practical application of New Thought principles. Professionally, he has a consciousness coaching business to that end. Secondly, as a socially responsible member of society, he seeks to encourage all fellow human beings to join together in co-creating a “World that Works for All.” Len is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and holds a Masters Degree from  the Thayer School of Engineering.


Annie Kanik


Annie Kanik attended her first Science of Mind service in 2010 and has embraced the teachings ever since then. She has attended Unity services for many years in Ohio, Washington and Arizona. She became a founding member of Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living in 2015.

Annie has been in the clothing and manufacturing industry that spans 46 years. She has worked in her own business as well as with other companies as a designer, couture tailor and wardrobe seamstress. Her professional portfolio includes evening gowns, bridal wear, costuming, dance wear and creations of custom clothing. She enjoys working with design and color, transforming textured fabrics and leathers into totes, purses and clothing.

She has been the lead seamstress at Fabtex Graphics since 2013. She is responsible for first prototypes of specialty products designed for the customer, private labeling and branding and small production of custom orders. Her favorite jobs are taking clients concepts and producing the desired product.

Annie has volunteered as Sunday Greeter and Usher as well as facilitating the floral arrangements for Sunday services.


The First Meeting of Our Founding Board of Trustees - May 17th, 2015
Rene Perdue, Frankie Pepper, Rev Jill Clements, Tom Gordon, Joe Hammer

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