Our Compassionate Care Group

Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living's Compassionate Care Group provides extra special care to our congregants in times of need - in sickness and in health. Our intention is to be loving companions, servicing those in our community who ask for extra support when life gets challenging.

Our group consists of ministers, practitioners and community members who, when asked, volunteer time and energy to serve Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living as Spiritual Companions.

We provide short term support during times of illness, loss or transition, and we celebrate during times of joy. We refrain from offering advice. We respect confidentiality, ethical standards and legal regulations.

Our Vision:
Through loving kindness, we compassionately care for and support our congregation during times of special need.

Our Mission:
We provide spiritual care to our congregant through listening, support and prayer.

We pray. We Listen. We visit. We provide referral. We bring support.

Contact Our Compassionate Care Group: 480.788.6628

Suzanne Gildersleeve, RScP

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If you feel called to join us in bringing loving support to our community, please contact us to volunteer!

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