Guest Artist Audio Information

We look forward to you joining us as our guest artist!

The sound system is "built-in" to our venue, therefore we do not have a lot of flexibility, however it is a very high-end system that provides a rich and resonant audio experience! Here are a few things you should know...

Microphone and Speakers

Our sound system includes two (2) wireless handheld microphones. We do not provide music or mic stands. Should you desire one or both, please bring them with you. (The mic stand must have spring clip style mic holder to hold our wireless mics).

The house speakers fill the room adequately and we will adjust the volume of the microphones during your rehearsal.

Should you desire to provide your own mic, amp and speaker(s), there is an electric outlet in the floor at your performance area in the room. Some artists utilize a Bose or other amplified "all-in-one" system.


If you desire us to play your music, please provide your files in MP3 or WAV format by the Friday prior to your Sunday performance. Your music will be fed to the house speakers though our A/V system. Please send the files to Joe Hammer.

Note: Should the audio file be too large to email, please upload it to Dropbox or your Google Drive and provide Joe with the link to the file.

The audio will be launched after your introduction. Please prepare the file to start and end (or fade) as you desire. There is no soundboard therefore we cannot control these aspects (such as early fading). 


Should you desire a specific photo (headshot) for the Powerpoint slide shown during your introduction and performance, please include your desired photo with your music.

Other Information

Please arrive by 9:15 am to allow time for an adequate sound check.

Again, we look forward to you joining us for Sunday service!

Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living A/V instructions