Arms Wide Open - Living in Alignment

with Karin Lewis, RScP

April 25th, 2018
6:45 - 8:45 pm  

Living healthy, wealthy and wise is truly attainable for all! Discover how to align yourself with the creative process in this highly interactive workshop. Using the tools of our teaching to experience the life we came here to live... in our financial affairs, our health and vitality and in our relationships!

Instead of chasing after our dreams, after people, places, and things, discover how to align with the creative process to allow our Good to manifest through us. Be prepared to uplift your vibration and step into Joy and Abundance more consciously.

Participants will:

  • experience a healthier, wealthier and more balanced approach to everyday living through a deeper understanding of the creative process.
  • discover their Hidden Beliefs and replace them with more empowering personal statements
  • align more effectively with the “Law of Attraction”
  • experience being "In the Flow"

Love Offering


Class facilitated by
Karin Lewis, RScp